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Adolescent & Young Adults Health

PMA2020 adolescent & young adults health briefs are multi-page snapshots of key indicators among young women age 15-24 presented in charts, graphs and tables. Key indicators include: level of education, median age at key reproductive events such as first sex and first contraceptive use, and modern contraceptive prevalence  rate (mCPR). Adolescent and young adults health briefs are available for the countries and survey rounds listed below.

PMA publications use the following notation: "PMA20XX/[Country]-R#". For example, PMA2016/Burkina Faso-R3 refers to the third round ("R3") of the PMA2020 survey in Burkina Faso, which was carried out in 2016, (Briefs with "V" instead of "R" refer to the French translation of "round" = "vague".) 



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