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PMA2020 Overview

Overview of PMA2020 



A two-page overview of PMA2020: what we do, how the platform works, and in which countries we work. Available in English and French.



PMA2020 Progress Reports


Progress Report Jan 2017: In 2016 PMA2020 launched a survey in Rajasthan, India; expanded the project to cover five additional states in Nigeria; took on a new province in DRC; added two counties in Kenya; and expanded from a subnational to a national survey round in Niger. PMA2020 has conducted a total of 36 survey rounds in just three years, and launched three new modules in the last year: primary health care in Ghana, maternal & neonatal health in Ethiopia, and water & schistosomiasis in Uganda. Over 1,700 trained resident enumerators have administered more than 325,000 interviews. Available in English and French.


pma-progress-report-cover-image.pngThe first PMA2020 progress report, created in recognition of the hard work and accomplishments of our entire team in the past two years. In just two years (since our launch in 2013) PMA2020 has made significant progress in gathering high quality data on family planning and water, sanitation and hygiene at routine intervals - in nine countries in Africa and Asia. PMA2020 data, as it is collected in real-time, provide a snapshot of key health metrics in our program countries. Available in English and French.


Profile on PMA2020 Resident Enumerators

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PMA2020 Resident Enumerators are the primary data collectors and the backbone of PMA2020. This report features our incredible REs - in their own voices. Download the report here.