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Program Areas

Currently, PMA2020 is focused on generating, analyzing and disseminating data on an array of indicators to monitor indicators for family planning. PMA2020 is able to generate data on family planning utilization and demand through the results from household, individual female, and health facility surveys. PMA2020 also collects, analyzes and disseminates data on key water, sanitation and hygiene indicators on access to water sources and sanitation facilities at the household and health facility level; menstrual hygiene management; and diarrheal disease.

As the project expands in scope, additional health modules and programs areas are being added. Current modules – in addition to the core family planning survey – include: Primary health care (Ghana); maternal, newborn and child health (Ethiopia), schistosomiasis (Uganda). Please keep checking back to the website for details on these modules including more information about the surveys, the sampling methodology used, survey questionnaires, indicators and publications of the results.