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Program Countries

PMA2020 was originally designed to facilitate annual progress reporting in support of the goals and principles of Family Planning 2020 (FP2020) across priority countries in Africa and Asia. PMA2020 uses an innovative mobile-based data collection platform that supports rapid-turnaround surveys, generates key indicators on an annual basis, and strengthens local capacity. In each program country, PMA2020 is implemented through a network of local universities and research institutions, who train and deploy a cadre of female Resident Enumerators, who are the primary data collectors. 


Burkina Faso​: completed 3 rounds of data collection.​ 

DRC: completed 4 rounds of data collection in Kinshasa, and one round Kongo Central. 

Ethiopia: completed 3 rounds of data collection. Round 4 is nearly complete. 

Ghana: completed 4 rounds of data collection.

Kenya: completed 4 rounds of data collection. 

India: round 1 data collection is underway.

Indonesia: completed the first round of data collection. Preliminary results are available at the national level and for Makassar and South Sulawesi. Round 2 is underway.

Niger: completed two rounds in Niamey, and one round outside Niamey for the nationally representative survey​. 

Nigeria: completed two rounds of data collection in Lagos and Kaduna states. PMA2020/Nigeria is expanding to 5 additional states for the 2016 survey.

Uganda: completed four rounds of data collection. Round 5 will begin in 2017.


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