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CPR: 34.9% | mCPR: 29.2% | TFR: 3.5
CPR: 25.5% | mCPR: 24.2% | TFR: 5.7
CPR: 39.2% | mCPR: 37.3% | TFR: 4.2
CPR: 20.4% | mCPR: 7.8% | TFR: 6.6
CPR: 54.8% | mCPR: 48.1% | TFR: 2.7
CPR: 61.1% | mCPR: 59.5% | TFR: 2.3
CPR: 66.0% | mCPR: 63.1% | TFR: 3.3
CPR: 34.3% | mCPR: 30.0% | TFR: 5.8
CPR: 15.1% | mCPR: 9.8% | TFR: 5.5
CPR: 16.9% | mCPR: 14.4% | TFR: 6.5

Our Approach

PMA2020 uses innovative mobile technology to support low-cost, rapid-turnaround surveys monitoring key indicators for family planning, water, sanitation and hygiene and other health and development indicators. The project is implemented by local universities and research organizations in 11 countries, deploying a cadre of female resident enumerators trained in mobile-assisted data collection. PMA2020 establishes a sentinel data collection platform that can be utilized for other health program areas.

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Latest Reports

A four-page summary of key results from the PMA2020...
Un résumé de quatre pages des principaux résultats de l'...
Two-page summary of key family planning indicators from the...


PMA2020 Snapshot of Indicators are interactive online tables that provide a summary of key family planning indicators and their breakdown by background characteristics.

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Users can request two separate types of survey datasets for each country and round: (1) Household and Female; (2) Service Delivery Point. Datasets are provided in a zipped file in two formats, .csv and .dta. Codebooks are provided as an Excel document and questionnaires provided in .pdf format.

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