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Find out more about results from third round of ...Read More

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Find out more about results from third round of PMA2020 in Kenya!...Read More

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Results from PMA2015/Ethiopia-R3 Available Now!

Find out more about the results from third round of survey in Ethiopia!

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FP2020 Features PMA2020 RE

Zipporah's blogpost, "Transparency and Accountability: Taking the Measure of Family Planning Programs" is featured in FP2020 "Progress...Read More

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Results from PMA2015/Uganda-R2 Available Now!

Results from second round of data collection available now

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Dataset Available

Ethiopia/Round 1 combined household & female datasets and service delivery point data now available!

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Stories from the field

From RE to field supervisor

Learn about these two amazing young women working on PMA2020/Ethiopia and their experiences in the field.

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Our amazing REs from Ghana

Resident Enumerator Experience in Ghana

Enjoy this short clip that highlights the experiences of some of our REs in Ghana

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Program Countries

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CPR: 25.7% | mCPR: 21.4% | TFR: 3.5
CPR: 17.0% | mCPR: 17.0% | TFR: 6.0
CPR: 37.0% | mCPR: 35.8% | TFR: 4.2
CPR: 42.3% | mCPR: 20.4% | TFR: 4.4
CPR: | mCPR: | TFR:
CPR: 62.5% | mCPR: 59.9% | TFR: 3.3
CPR: 27.2% | mCPR: 25.6% | TFR: 5.9
CPR: 15.1% | mCPR: 9.8% | TFR: 5.5
CPR: 13.9% | mCPR: 12.2% | TFR: 7.6

Our Approach

PMA2020 uses innovative mobile technology to support low-cost, rapid-turnaround, nationally-representative surveys monitoring key indicators for family planning in support of FP2020 goals. The project is implemented by local university and research organizations in ten countries, deploying a cadre of female resident enumerators trained in mobile-assisted data collection. PMA2020 establishes a sentinel data collection platform that can be utilized for other health program areas.

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